Little Genius Dinosaur Collage Kit.

Brand new UK manufactured range available in September!

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Dinosaur Kit

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The Little Genius Dinosaur kit is a fun, creative and educational kit for young children (aged 3-6).  It's nice and compact, tucked inside an A4 box that has a width and height of 2cm. The box is designed with a tray lid, perfect for keeping all the different shapes safe while creating collages on the move!

Inside each kit you get: 

  • Everything you need to make a theme based collage (i.e. a strong board card magnetic collage background and magnetic shapes);
  • A colouring-in sheet of the completed collage;
  • A bag of fun facts about the theme; and
  • A very informative educational resource which is bursting with ideas of how the kits can be used to support early learning across the age ranges 3-5 and 5-6.  Some examples of the areas of learning covered include literacy (inclusive of a range of colourfully illustrated practical tools for teaching little ones how to read), numeracy, geography/understanding the world, verbal communication and emotional health.  All areas of this resource have been informed by the Early Years Foundation Stage (the pre-school equivalent of the National Curriculum) and Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.  I developed the resource using my background working on children and young people related policy areas and also in consultation with parents, teachers and other experts working in early years’ settings and schools.