Four revamped themes in the new Little Genius Crafts range - Dinosaurs, Sea Life, Farm Life and Alphabet Zoo- will be available via our shop soon!

How have the new range of kits been revamped?

The fabulous reusable kits will now be made with an even stronger board card (like children's board books) giving extra durability.

The educational resource has also been revamped and expanded and will offer a range of new fantastic ways to support early learning across a wide range of areas.  It now also includes a brand new section dedicated to teaching little ones how to read.  Here's a sneak preview of part of this resource (illustrations by Sarra Bird at



About Little Genius Crafts

Welcome to Little Genius Crafts – a new small business that offers a great way to make learning fun and easy through a range of unique educational and no mess craft kits for children aged 3 -7.  

The following themed kits will be available very soon - Dinosaurs, Sea Life, Farm Life and Zoo Life. 

Everything you need to make your collage can be found inside! You’ll find all sorts of bright and colourful 'easy to handle' board card shapes already cut out and waiting to be removed from their backing and put on the collage.  The collages are reusable too enabling long lasting fun!  You'll also find a colouring in sheet of the collage.  

To add a little genius twist for our keen learners, each kit includes a bag of fun facts about the theme.  They also come with  a fantastic educational resource which outlines a range of ways the kits can be used to support early learning right across the 3-5 and 5-7 age range. This resource has been developed drawing on the Early Years Foundation Stage (early years equivalent to the Curriculum), the National Curriculum and in consultation with educational experts.  It covers all areas of learning such as numeracy, understanding the world, emotional health and literacy (the latter includes a whole section dedicated to teaching young children how to read with the help of vibrant practical tools (visit the News/Articles section to find out more about this resource).

The Little Genius Craft kits have been stylishly packaged making them a perfect unique gift for a friend as well as a great gift for your own child (you can view images in the Gallery section of this website).  The compact, one-stop-shop and no mess design also makes them highly portable and great to use at home as well as on the move when the little one needs entertaining (e.g. when out for lunch or hopping on an aeroplane). 

The revamped educational craft kits will be available to order very soon from our shop, costing £9.99 (and free postage).  If you would like to make a wholesale order please do send queries using the contact form.



'The Sea Life kit for my daughter arrived last week.  She loves it!  We've had so much fun making the collage and your educational resource offers brilliant ideas of how to use the kits to support early learning.  Thank you!  When we go on holiday in the Summer I'll be back to order another theme to keep my daughter entertained on the journey.  I'll definitely be recommending Little Genius Crafts to my friends!!'

Vivienne, Portsmouth




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